Department of Physiotherapy

About Department


  • Treatment under supervision of Qualified and Experienced Physiotherapist.
  • State of Art Equipment for Orhtopaedic - Rehabilitation , Neuro – Rehabilitation , Sports - Rehabilitation , Cardiopulmonary – Rehabilitation ,and Pediatrics – Rehabilitation.
  • Orthosis , Splints and Assistive Devices.
  • Postural Training , Ergonomics Advises , Weight Reduction , Pre-natal (before birth) and Post-natal (after birth) advises.
Dr. Varun Poonia MPT (Ortho.)

About Doctor

  • Dr. Varun Poonia (MPT) is a Head Physiotherapist at Lifeline Hospital Hisar.
  • He is MPT (Ortho) Gold Medalist
  • He is also a Certified Mulligan Therapist.